A Girl Can Dream

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had Dom tastes on an Andre’ budget. I got a few dream emails this week from my girls Brandy and Brookem planning these great vacations and parties that will never happen. I know I won’t be able to safari through Africa with Brandy, or BBQ on a deserted island with Brookem, but the mere planning was enough to brighten my day.Although these are hard economic times, I still dream of grand vacations and expensive shoes.

Here are a few things that I do to keep my dreams alive:

Shop online at Zappos, Nordstroms and Crate and Barrel. Fill my cart with all of the things I’d like to buy. Go to CHECK OUT, look at the total and close the window.

Try on the  shoes of the season  Bob Ellis that I will never purchase, the bag I’ve been lusting at Coach and my friends wedding rings…even if it’s bad luck.

Watch the delicious men roll in the sand play volleyball with sweat dripping down their 6 pack abs and pretend that they’re doing it for my enjoyment. Why did I never think of this before?

Hold some one’s baby until it poops or cries and then give it back!

Plan a dream vacation with my  girls. Or the wedding to the man I  don’t have because ever since I  saw Tiffany’s on the Southern Weddings I can’t stop thinking about it.

What do you dream about doing?

*PS- I promise I am not crazy and superficial, I just like to dream. I feel so blessed to have a job that I like and amazing friends and family.


13 responses to “A Girl Can Dream

  1. awww… I heart you! you always have such nice things to say about me 🙂

    I dream about launching our little photography business into something huge so that I can get out of the corporate world… I just have to keep telling myself to be patient. it will come. (at least I hope, right?)

  2. Oh girl. I do this all the time.
    Dreaming is fun…not superficial.

    I dream of…

    winning the lottery and not having to worry about money…ever.

    going on an amazing vacation with my friends.

    buying my own place.

    planning my wedding with the man i love.

    making a career change, and becoming a wedding planner.

    Ho hum…dreams rock.

  3. I was doing the same thing with online shopping carts the other day, only my virtual shopping carts were filled with interior decorations and furniture.

    I try on a pair of CLs every time I’m near the store. Luckily, almost all of them are terribly uncomfortable 🙂


  4. Traveling around the whole world with someone who carries my enormous walk-in closet with me everywhere we go… sigh.

  5. My dreams…oh boy.

    How about I just give you a few: graduate school; love–real love–the kind that Carrie always searched for in SATC; visiting every continent and being able to take at least one international trip every year; babies–eventually–and I’d like them without stretch marks; pure absolutely blissful happiness.


  6. You are right, a girl can dream!

    If I was there, I would be going with you to watch the men play volleyball!

  7. wearing a hot string bikini. yup, thats seriously what i dream about.

    and i love the andre reference!!! that was my drink in college

  8. I dream about singing on a stage. Being that girl that every one came to see. Hmm wonder why I love American Idol. Too bad it’s only a dream.

  9. A cuddle nap with a cute girl.

  10. aww, peter’s comment just made me smile.

    i dream of…
    traveling to (living in?) ireland.
    being a nurse.
    having babies.
    dying my hair a drastic red.
    owning two dogs.

  11. Oh, Andre! I’m totally with you, girl.

    Right now, I dream about skipping grad school and going straight to my dream job.

    A cute spring jacket – maybe in green.

    Having lots of kids. Except I don’t have to dream about that one so much because I’m quite certain I will have lots.

    Buying a house. With a yard for the bulldog.

    A new spring wardrobe.

    OH! And pretty, long, straight(er) hair.

  12. I dream about going to the beach with my boyfriend!

    Buying a house is a nice dream too!

    I was wondering, what happened to the guy?

  13. OMG, I thought I was the only one who would fill up a cart online (my cart was FULL of luxury linens). Nothing more fun!

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