MEllen Love Letters

Dear Weather Man,
I was in love with you Saturday-Wednesday when you brought me sunshine and 80’s. You gave me the chance to watch good looking boys roll around in the sand, drink on the patios and wear flip flops. But now all you’ve got for me this weekend is cold and rain. What’s the deal?
Wait…Are you trying to let the cute boys heal their sun burns so they can take their shits off for me again next weekend? If that’s the case, I’ll forgive you for the storm.
Craving Spring Sun SJ


Dear J. Crew,
Why do you send me so many emails with sales when you know I don’t have ANY money? Seriously, this has to stop. We have a love hate relationship right now. But don’t worry, I will buy from you again once I get my tax return.
Fabulously Broke SJ


Dear Pretty in Pink,
Today is your lucky day! You were chosen randomly to win some fabulous MEllen Designed Cards! Email me your address and I will send it to ME to get your cards out to you! Thanks for reading!


Dear MEllen,
You rock. Thank you so much for donating cards for me to giveaway! Megan is going to be so happy!
Pi Love,


Dear Sarah B.,
You are the best. I can’t wait to tell everyone about my next giveaway in a few weeks!
Old School Sara B.


Dear all my lovely non-winners,
You are the best readers a girl could ask for! It’s your lucky day too because very soon I will be sharing with you another one of my favorite things! You can’t get it in the states yet! Click here for a hint!


9 responses to “MEllen Love Letters

  1. Re: J. Crew… could you please forward that letter to Steve Madden and Banana Republic for me as well? Kthxbai

  2. I don’t think that J Crew gets enough credit for coming up with clothes that make women look super cute.

  3. Hey Sara Jane! Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll! I’ve added you as well 🙂

    Congrats to the winner!! I can’t wait to the next giveaway!!

  4. I am so excited 🙂 This completely makes my day!!!!

  5. Hey girl! I came across your blog through MEllen 🙂 Your blog is great and your personality shines through it! You can visitm mine over at . Pi love!

  6. Weatherman- You’re FIRED! (Trump Style)
    Even thought Spring officially starts this week…

    PS- It’s me that googled you today.

  7. One of my favorite dresses that I have is from JCrew…so cute!

    I wish I could wear flips flops, even if it was just for a day!

  8. Darn, I don’t think my comment worked=(

  9. Yayyy for the big winner!

    I’ll definitely have to order some
    of those adorable cards.

    And I heart J.Crew. But like you, I have
    nooo money. Psh.

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