MMM v. 2: 20 Questions…by Jules

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a Match Maker Monday and I have a few things to share. I’m really excited for this upcoming week so keep on reading.

The Interview

Before IJL will set you up on a second date, you are required to go into the local office for an interview.  I met with Nicola last Saturday and she was so nice!  We talked more about what I’m looking for in a match and what type of person I am.  She had me pegged! She could tell just by talking to me, what type of guy I’m looking for.  That makes me confident that they will be able to set me up with a great person.  Before I left, she took a picture of me (to make sure I looked that way I said I did.)  This interview meant…. IT’S TIME FOR DATE #2!!!

Update on Coach

Surprisingly, Coach is still lingering.  I haven’t seen him since I last wrote; however, we continute to text.  Between his coaching schedule and my out of town trips, we continue to have opposite schedules.  I can’t quite figure him out.  He texts me a few times a week, sometimes late at night, but he never asks for “late night activities” (as I would expect.)  Anyhow, i’m back in town again and his season is over.  We will see how it goes. Now, on to the fun stuff!

My Next Date 

I am so excited! This Thursday I’m meeting my second date at Six Penn Kitchen for after-work drinks. Here’s what I know so far:

  • Name: Erik
  • Profession: HR and Business Development
  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Age: 33
  • Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, attractive, physically fit
  • Interests: Tennis (weekly) and outdoor activities (basketball, football, baseball)

They don’t give me much information, just enough to wet my appetitie.  I am already planning my outfit, and have scheduled my hair and nail appointments to make sure I am all prettied up!  I can’t wait to update you next Monday on how things go. WISH ME LUCK!

11 responses to “MMM v. 2: 20 Questions…by Jules

  1. So, here’s the thing I learned (after many many years) with dating. Until you actually find that person you want to be exclusive with, it’s not such a bad idea to have a couple things going on. I don’t mean sleeping around with different guys. But, getting texts from one guy with the option to meet up at some point. And getting together for drinks with another guy. And being excited about what’s to come from IJL. Well, you’re in a groove. Feeling good. Not putting too much weight on any one guy. I can tell you’re walking with confidence and glowing when you walk in a room. Just the way it should be!

  2. Good luck!
    He sounds good on paper 😉

  3. Erik sounds like a good time.
    I can’t wait to hear how the date goes.
    Go get em, tiger! Rawr.

  4. I am a fan of anyone in HR. good people I tell you. 😉 haha.

    Good luck and can’t wait for the update!

  5. What happened with cute lawyer boy? Was that a blog that I missed?

  6. Ahh!!! Good luck! I hope he’s a catch!

  7. Oh, and SJ–Call me soooooon! 🙂

  8. ha! i love reading these!

  9. Good luck, love! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out…

  10. The cute boy I posted a picture of a few weeks ago is “Coach.” I am banning the dating of any lawyers after my most recent interlude with our fine legal friends.

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