We didn’t even plan it!

Sarah B. and I were besties growing up! She never failed me as a friend. There were times that we grew apart, but we always found a way back to each other. We were together all the time, passing notes, trading clothes and chasing boys. We would always call each other every morning before school started and plan out outfits. We would want to match without matching…and then we would act in shock when people asked us if we planned our outfits together. We would look all coy and say, “I know! And we didn’t even plan it…” which was such a lie.  I  know I’ve written about her before, but today the funniest thing happened and I feel like it won’t do the story justice without giving you a bit of background.

She now lives in London and I see her NEVER. (Well, I did see her over Christmas. But only for a few hours!) It seriously sucks! But thankfully we both have Blackberries that allow us to message each other all day via BBM. If you don’t have this you are seriously missing out! We chat about work, pets, send voice notes and pictures.

Today I am working from home and she is super bored, so we’ve been sending pictures of our office, our pets, etc. Over the holidays we bought matching tee shirts while out and about. Today she bbms me a pic of her outfit. See below…

Sarah B.
Sarah B. in London

To which I respond with…


Me! Also Sara B. in NC, USA

It’s so funny to me that things like this never change. And this time when I say “We didn’t even plan it!” I am 100% not lying!


12 responses to “We didn’t even plan it!

  1. somewhat voluble

    That is so funny!

  2. aww, you two are cute besties!

  3. I bet the majority of people reading this are confused by the O-H! But not this girl. I’ll send a hearty I-O back to you!

    My bestie (ha, who you know) and I used to do things like this too. We had matching hair all of senior year!

  4. You are too cute. Lauren and I used to do stuff like this all the time. Occasionally, we still do. I wish I could find our graduation invite. Neither of us look anything like it, but at the time, we looked basically exactly the same. Too funny.

    Miss you sugar! xo

  5. This is adorable :)I had a serious obsession with what my best friend and I called “twinning” when we were younger. We would shop together at Limited Too and buy the same outfits in different colors.

  6. Aaaaw what a cute story! I also have a friend like that, I can’t imagine what would happen if she moved to London!

    Thank God you guys have BBM!!!



  7. Hollla to bestfriends. I love that you’re
    both wearing your shirts. Stinkin’ adorable.
    And you’re right…some things really do never
    change. Gotta love it.

  8. Twinsies! I love it!

  9. awwww, i love it – that’s why you guys are besties!

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