MMM v.3:Not Such a Match…By Jules

All dressed up for my big date with nowhere to go

If dating were that easy, we’d all be married to Mr./Ms. Right, in perfect relationships, and there would be no need for Match Maker Monday.  Since it’s not that easy, you end up with dates like mine last Thursday. 

Date #2
Date #2 – by Julie McArthur on

I was so excited to meet Erik. I didn’t even get nervous until late afternoon this time. I got home from work, got ready (wearing above ensemble) and headed out to Six Penn Kitchen for my Big Date.  This time, my date beat me there and I went upstairs to meet him.  When I found our table, he was looking out the window.  As he turned around…..GASP!  Not cute at all!  What a bummer.  I figured I’d make the most of it, maybe he’d turn out to be a really great guy and his personality would win me over. 

What a DISASTER!  I have had better conversations with my drywall.  Even though Erik was nice the poor guy had no personality.  At first I thought it was his nerves but after we talked  I asked him 100 questions to avoid the awkward silence, it was abundantly clear….. no match for this Monday.  After 90 minutes, I figured I’d take the humane route, and bow out early.  We shook hands, said “it was nice to meet you,” and went our separate ways.

BTW- He mentioned in conversation that this was his 11th date!!! Hmmm….

Date #3

Before I even went out with Erik, IJL set me up on my next date.  We are going for after-work drinks this Wednesday at a location TBD.  Here are his stats:

  • Name- Jason (I have a thing for Jasons by the way)
  • Age- 30
  • Appearance- Brown hair, green eyes, 5’11”, fit
  • Occupation- Physical Therapist
  • Background- Played baseball and football in college, Bachelors degree in Engineering, Pittsburgh native
  • Interests- Sports and travel

I am quickly learning that not everything IJL tells me about my dates is true so this information will have to be verified.  However, my consultant did say that Jason is much more outgoing, fun, and similar to Coach than Erik was.  I am optimistic about this one so wish me luck again!


8 responses to “MMM v.3:Not Such a Match…By Jules

  1. So long as you learned or confirmed something about what you’re looking for (or not looking for) in a guy, then the date with Erik was worthwhile. Because it will make that date with Mr. Right standout!!! Here’s to your next date with Jason!

  2. I wonder if a guy like that ends up with a girl with a huge personality (who wants all of the attention) or someone equally boring and lackluster? Hope this next date is much much better!

  3. I love your dates! They make me giggle.
    Even though Erik didn’t turn out to be quite
    the catch…the story to tell is always fun.
    I give you credit for all of this. Such rawkstar quality, Jules!

    Good luck with Jason…keeping fingers crossed!

  4. OOh, you should have looked lovely!!

    OMG, I hate boring guys, run, as fast as you can!!

    Jason seems to be a good catch, good luck and keep us posted!

  5. Good luck again! Good lord, I’ve been on SOOOOO many “Erik” dates… I hope this is a complete 180 from that!

  6. Good luck! 🙂

  7. Good luck on the date!

  8. I hate it when it’s completely a one-sided conversation! I feel so awkward asking that many questions. Good luck on your next one!

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