I am not one of these people


Via "I Can Read"

Via "I Can Read"

 But I’d like to be. Sadly, rain makes me grumpy. It makes me want to stay inside, curled up in my bed, with my dog and my phone turned off. But with rain predicted for the next 5 days, I\’m going to have to adjust my attitude or I\’m in for an awful time!

Do you know what would make me feel better? A giveaway! Check back tomorrow for the details.


6 responses to “I am not one of these people

  1. At least it’s not freezing rain! Go buy some cute rain boots – I think that could make you smile.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  2. rain always makes me want to curl up inside with a good book and just chill out…sometimes it’s just what’s needed. but 5 days of it? not so sure…

    oh! and about your comment on my blog…a spoiler?!?! yikes..i kinda really wanna know…but then again…okay it depends – is it a spoiler about the show or more about her?!?!? i’m so curious…

  3. I’ll be back tomorrow. Free stuff and LiLu go together like a fat kid and cake.

    I like it a lot better than rain.

  4. I only smile when it’s raining when I know that
    I can curl up in bed with a book. When I know that I don’t have to be somewhere…or have to be driving in it. Ugh.

    But sometimes…jumping in puddles is fun. Just for no reason. And rainbows after a rain shower pretty much rocks. Mmmhmm.

    Ughh-they are predicting rain my way too.

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  6. im not one of these people either. unless i’m comfy on my couch.

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