Daily Archives: March 27, 2009

My Inbox: Cut and Paste

It’s seems like so many of my day to day life activities revolve around email: work, Zumba, dinner plans, catching up. Between Outlook, my personal email, blog email, Facebook and side job email account I’m checking inboxes left and right.

As the comments start to come it on my giveaway about how their inboxes are filled with cute, loving, dirty talking emails for people, I start to get a little jealous. Maybe even bitter, because I don’t have this at all. On occasion I may get caught in a series of flirtatious emails, but none worth saving.

A few weekends ago I got excited because I got an email via Facebook from one of the cute shirtless volleyball players that read:

Hey if you go out tonight give me a call. l have some buddies in town form NY so we’ll be uptown.  704.xxx.xxxx. Come out and show me some dance moves ;0)

This message was followed up by a sweet wall post and a text or two. Later that week grabbed drinks and I can’t say it was a dream date or that I got butterflies, but I was excited to be back in the game and feel like someone was pursuing me. My friends were excited that I was starting to let go of my feelings for my winter romance and sheared my date story with one of their co-workers.

“What was his name again?’, cute co-worker girl asked. “That sounds so familiar…”

“Hot Shirtless Volleyball Man*”, E replied.

“Ummm…he’s been sending me the SAME messages!” exclaimed cute co-worker girl.

Now I know that there are no laws that say that single men can not email more than one girl at a time…but there should be laws that state that these said girls can not be in the same cirlcecircle of friends! AND there should be rules that prohibit CUT and PASTE!

In his defense, he had no idea that we would know eachother. But it still feel like someone took a pin to my balloon…again.

*Name has been changed. 🙂