Mini Break from MM

Dear Lovlies,

I’m sorry to interupt this weeks MM session, but I almost forgot to announce the winners of the Holly’s Inbox giveaway. Thanks to Random Number Generator, the winning numbers are 17, Brandy and 2, Kristen.

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, the book is available in the states in June, so just a few more months of waiting! Also, another one of my fabulous sorority sisters just opened her own Esty shop and will being doing a giveaway here in the next few weeks!

Big Drive today, so I’ll talk to you all soon!



4 responses to “Mini Break from MM

  1. well i couldnt think of two more deserving people to win.

    i mean, other than me. but yanno, random number generators and all… i get it. ill buy the book the day it comes out here!

  2. holla to the big winners!
    i can’t wait to snag a copy of
    my own come june!

  3. Yes! I’m so excited about this! Given the fact that I dropped the S bomb on the class today and had them recite it, I needed a pick me up. Hooray!!!

  4. woohoo! i am pumped!!

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