MMM v. 5: Common Courtesy….By Jules

No I will not have sex with you

As expected, my French friend Luc (AKA Pierre), offered great stories and provided a unique perspective on life.  Its too bad he wasn’t remotely attractive.  The allure to IJL is that they set you up on a no-pressure first date; either lunch or an after-work drink.  In either circumstance, the expectation is to go dutch.

After we had fulfilled our IJL obligation (one after-work drink) Pierre asked me to have dinner.  Since I was enjoying the conversation I agreed.  I believed I was putting off the “friend vibe” but as the date came to a close I noticed him starting to lean in toward me, a sure sign that he was interested.   I excused myself to the ladies room and came back to our bill sitting on the table.  He looked it over, placed his credit card inside, and passed it to me expecting me to split the check!!!!! CHIVALRY IS DEAD!  

If there had been a chance at any point, that went out the window when he made me pay for my own dinner after he initiated it.  As we walked toward the lobby, he stopped me and grabbed my hand.  As if I wasn’t already turned off enough, he said:

Pierre: “Julie, I’ve have a really great time and I think you are a great girl.”

Julie: *smile

Pierre: “Do I think we will be long-term boyfriend and girlfriend????  Probably not… but I’d like you to come back to my place for one more drink.”

Julie: *jaw drops to the ground

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! At least buy me dinner before you ask me to have sex with you.  And here I thought the French were supposed to be romantic….  Another on bites the dust.

Date post-mortem

After each date I am expected to call into my date coordinator, Jen,  to discuss the positive and negatgive attribues of my date.  Jen was surprised to hear that it hadn’t gone well.  I started by telling her the story above.  She laughed hysterically and couldn’t believe he acted that way.  However, she took offense when I asked her if she had seen pictures of him before she set us up. 

Jen: “Yes, I see pictures of all the men before I set you up.  Why?”

Julie: “Well, because you and I must have very different taste in men.”

Jen: “Wow! You didn’t think Luc was good looking?”

Julie: “I’m sorry Jen, but I didn’t find him even remotely attractive.”

Jen: “Wow, you must have different taste than me…and everyone else!”

WHAT?!?! I though I was paying IJL to be supportive and to find me what I’m looking for.  I have demanded that we go back to the quality-not-quantity model of dating.  There are no new dates for me this upcoming week and I will wait patiently until they find me what I’m looking for, physically and socially.

9 responses to “MMM v. 5: Common Courtesy….By Jules

  1. I’d never expect a woman to pay for dinner.

    Of course, I always expect sex, so…

  2. Wow. He sounds class-less. I know dating is expensive, but don’t ask a girl to dinner if you can’t pay for it. Or go somewhere cheaper.

  3. Despite my affinity for chivalry, I think I can overlook that fact that he asked you to pay after inviting you to dinner. But asking you to go back to his place for sex? No way.

  4. On second thought, I can’t overlook any of it! I don’t blame you for moving on!

  5. Um. He didn’t pay? After he asked YOU?
    That is definitely a done deal.
    And to think he was going to get some.
    Shame on him!

  6. If he initiated the date, he should pay. And that dating consultant should be fired. I find her approach highly offensive.

  7. Looooseeeer! Chivalry is not dead, just that guy is a deadbeat.

  8. lol that after date quote from the french dude sounds like something straight out of Sex and the City. I’m guessing that would have been a Carrie date.

    better luck on the next one 🙂

  9. You are right, CHIVALRY IS DEATH!!! What an ass lol. I mean, he did invited her to go to his appartment!!

    I love your blog more everyday 🙂

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