That’s Not My Name

I adore the Ting Tings song “That’s Not My Name”. My favorite part is when he says Jane…which is really not my name, just part of it! But that’s not the point of this post…

I think it may have been an early 80’s fad to drop the “h” in Sara , but I’ve grown to love it. When I was younger it didn’t bother me all that much when people didn’t spell my name correctly, but as an adult, it’s become one of my biggest pet peeves!

I don’t mind so much when my customers mess up in the beginning, but it seems like they aren’t the one with the problem. The problem lies with my co-workers, and only the co-workers that already get under my skin that can’t seem to get it right.

It kills me. Seriously. This is why…

1. When searching for my name in our company data base, I am listed as S-A-R-A


b. I sign off all emails as S-A-R-A

It’s not a hard thing to do. As sales reps, it’s our job to notice the little things in life.

I’ve debated on how to address this issue, and this is where I turn to you my readers for help.

Do I…

a. Let it go? – I fear that if I do this I will be angry with them for something else and explode and say, “Why would I expect you to get it right when you can’t even spell my name correctly?”. This would not be good for my sanity or career.

b. Start adding an unnecessary extra “h” to their name,  like “Thanks Dough” instead of “Thanks Doug”? I think this may be my best idea yet.

c. Act like a grown up and politely tell them that they are spelling my name incorrectly and that I would appreciate if they corrected them self?  No fun, and honestly it can be hard not to come off like a snooty beast via email.

d. Plan B…this is where you tell me your ideas!

Help me blogosphere, before I go mad, take plan A or B…


18 responses to “That’s Not My Name

  1. oof, i can see how this would be a pet peeve. people always FORGET the h in my name when spelling my full name, and i don’t love it.
    maybe you can tell them that story, and see if they pick up on the subtle hint?

    and while i do love the idea of ADDING an h to everyone’s name (classic), id probably just try and politely as i can, mention it at the end of another email… not make a separate email just to address it, yanno?

  2. ahhhhh I SO FEEL YOU ON THIS!!!!

    my name is alexa but people consistently call me ALEXIS.

    drives me nuts.

  3. Let me give you a little advice, from a fellow “OMG MY NAME DOES NOT HAVE AN H IN IT” sufferer.

    There is a woman at my office (more senior than me) that spells her name Meghan. So not only am I irritated when people spell my name wrong – I feel like it reiterates that she is more important….so important, in fact, that I must adapt to the way she spells Meg[h]an.

    My usual response is to do nothing, and just respond to the email and sign “Megan.” BUT – I have been known to respond and misspell the recipient’s name. (Note that this approach should only be used with co-workers with a sense of humor.) But yes, Mike becomes Mych, Jerry becomes Garie, and Chris becomes Kryz. I have found this to be extremely effective….but again, it can only be applied to a small population of H-offenders.

    I’ll save my second name-pet-peeve for another comment. Here’s a preview – my last name is Paul….and yes, I get a TON of emails that begin:

    “Dear Paul,”

    So take comfort in the fact that though you may be getting an additional letter – at least you are being addressed by your first, and gender-correct, name.

  4. People have always pronounced my name wrong and I’ve learned to live with it. In emails, they spell it correctly, mainly because I think they actively search to see how it IS spelt.

    I agree with Brookem, if it really bothers you, do politely mention it at the end of an email. Although I can’t think of a way to say without coming across as snooty.

    Maybe just sign it off

    Sara (without an H 😉 )

  5. As soon as I read “Do I…” I was all “Misspell their names on purpose!! Misspell their names on purpose!”

    Which, frankly, was kinda weird since you couldn’t hear me.

  6. People like to spell my name with an H, too (Meghan). So, I like the idea of adding an H to everyone’s name. BUT it would probably be good to try to bring it up in an email. I like the “Sara (without the H;)) idea!

  7. I think you should make a batch of cupcakes and mark them each with an H in the icing. When people ask you what’s the significance of the H, you can tell them that you had a bunch of extra H’s hanging around from people misspelling your name and you figured this would be the best use for them.

  8. Hmm, I don’t run into this problem often. People do call me ‘Laura’ often though – most often in the blog world! Which I suppose is my fault since my blog address is laurwilk.

    I’d just sign my emails as ‘Sara’ or do as ‘H’ said and sign off with a smiley face noting the error.

  9. I go by Jenn, but 99.9% of the other people with that name spell it “Jen”. I HATE THAT. I have been asked a lot lately why I spell it with 2 Ns. How do you respond to that?! BECAUSE I WANT TO. Haha. Still — when I sign my name “Jenn” and my Facebook says “Jenn” and my e-mail is “Jenn” — there’s no excuse for spelling it wrong!

  10. Haha. I think it would be so funny
    adding random H’s to the ending of
    people’s name. They would be so
    confused. Especially if you did it more
    than once. And they’d finally address you
    about it, and you could smile sweetly and
    say something like, “Oh…I thought that’s
    just what everyone was doing. People keep
    putting H’s at the end of my name-so I
    figured it was a company thing. No? It’s not?

  11. if it makes you feel any better people mispel my name all of the time even though it’s clearly in my email, haha.

  12. I have the same problem.
    my name is spelt with a “ph” and I am forver getting letters and e-mails and offical papers with a “v”

    I normally don’t mind, but when I CLEARLY use a “PH” in everything I sign off on the least they can do is the same.

  13. “B”! Definitely Plan B! And I have a similar name crisis… I think I may just do the same thing!

  14. I love plan “B”!

    It must be a work place thing…my co-workers always spell my name with one “L” and it drives me crazy…especially since my work email address has “Michelle” spelled-out. I completely understand your frustration!

  15. first of all, every time i think of the spelling of your name i think of the ben folds song “zak and sara” where he goes “sara spelled without an h was getting bored..” you should listen to it. i LOVE it. second, i get my name spelled wrong ALL THE TIME. i get kristen or christen or kristan or christian or what have you. i also get a heap of alternatives to my last name, most entertaining of those being my art teacher that couldn’t spell it wrong. ahem, crayola got it right. and my roommate who pronounces it laVinder and spells it such. which can just be annoying. also, my outlook at work has my name spelled with an e. and they cannot figure out how to spell it. but number one might be the response to emails that have my name on the bottom written clearly, that still spell it wrong, from people wanting me to do something for them. i generally go with plan A. but plan B sounds like a mature option. i was once hooking up with a guy and may have said to him, “you can’t even spell my name right.” he never got it wrong again.

  16. At work my full name is in the directory and that’s what my emails go through as, I always sign my emails with my shortname that I use but some people always, always mess it up. It just kind of makes me laugh. I’ve never addressed it with any of them, I just keep signing my name the way it should be spelled.

    You could always sign Sara with no “H” although they probably would continue to call you Sarah just to piss you off!

    OH! BTW, I saw a flyer at my Y that they are going to start having Zumba classes and I thought I would try it out sometime since you are so in love with it.

  17. Dude. I feel you on this. Every. single. time a teacher writes me sub plans my name is written this way: BRANDI. And every. single. time. I write them a note telling them how my day went, I write it like this: BRANDY. I even now underline the Y (when I’m feeling especially spiteful). It is so frustrating.


    The main reason I’m writing you (other than to showcase my crazy) is to tell you that I GOT MY PACKAGE IN THE MAIL! CUE CONFETTI!!!! I think it came on Thursday but I didn’t check my mail again until Saturday (I was getting sad going and not finding it). You are the sweetest thing ever. And your note? Lovely. Lovely LOVELY!

    I may or may not have sent you a thank you card in the mail today. You are the best.

    ( I have no idea why I’m leaving you the longest comment ever instead of just emailing you. It’s just been one of those days…)

  18. I have the same problem. However, I pretty much let it slide because I work with a girl named Sarah and both of our last names start with an “M”, so people have a hard time keeping us straight. What bothers me the most is when they reply to an email from me where I’ve written my name and they start their email with “Hi, Sarah”. My husbands sister is Sarah but that’s another story.

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