MMM v.8: A Silver Lining…by Jules

Mr. Grabby Pants

Now I can’t speak for all ladies but a piece of advise as it pertains to me, a guy doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on dinner to impress me.  I could care less whether my meal is $100 or $10; what matters most is that a guy puts some real thought and creativity into planning an evening for us.  So when my big Wednesday date chose TGIFridays as our destination, you can imagine my first disappointment (no points for originality).

Then….ahhh the beauty of technology!  Now-a-days, a total frog can make themself appear like a prince in a picture with the right lighting, angulation, and cropping.  My first red flag should have been that he only sent one picture.  To my dismay, once again I fell victim to creative editing and was duped into a 2 hour long dinner with a man who wasn’t attractive at all.

To his credit, he was a very nice guy.  Potentially, a really good catch for some girl down the road.  Then we got to the parking lot…. In the words of Miss Keri Hilson:

“now wait a minute lil busta u got one more time to feel on my booty,
better recognize a lady that aint the way u do me, ya turnin me off.”

Yup you got it! Mr. Grabby Pants went right for it, a two handed grab on my booty!  Then, when I asked him to stop, he giggled and went at it again!!!  After he got done hanging on me, and molesting the goods, he tried to go in for the kill…. NO WAY JOSE!  No kisses for this one, and as a matter of fact, no more phone calls either.

Game over A Watched Pot Never Boils

I’ve had it, I’m giving up!  I’ve lost almost all hope and I’m tired of this emotional abuse I continue to enovoke upon myself.  This week I considered offering a randsome to anyone that can find me the man of my dreams….then I went out Saturday night.  Armed with my I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude, low key outfit, and low maintenance hair/make up, I went out to meet up with a group of friends. 

Eventually our group fizzled out and another group of my friends showed up so I went with them.  I was so pleased when this gorgeous new man joined us.  I knew I had to talk to him.  After a few hours we locked eyes, smiled and the rest is history.  We spent all evening talking and later that night he walked me to my car.  He took my number and suggested that we get coffee or drinks soon.  I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since.  Here is a preview: this is a picture of me and a couple of the girls I was with.  New Big Sexy is in the background at our table.


It’s not a good picture but at least you get the idea.  I really hope he calls but only time will tell. 


4 responses to “MMM v.8: A Silver Lining…by Jules

  1. I’ve always found that I’m more likely to meet someone when I’m not looking.

    Granted, I also rarely grab their butt with both hands on a first date. One hand, maybe…

  2. I’m so glad that you’re keeping my blog a float Jules! Love you! xo

  3. jules, you’re such a catch! and these duds that
    this site keeps hooking you up with just
    isn’t getting the job done.

    i hope the new dream boat calls and you have
    a fun story for us.

    until thennn…

  4. I can’t believe he grabbed your butt like that!!! Thankfully I’ve never had that happen to me!

    BTW, once again I feel your pain…men are such pains in the asses. Hopefully this new guy is a diamond in the rough…

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