Springtime Luvin’

Hello my long lost blog friends! I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA lately. Work is sucking the life out of me and spring just seems to be a pretty busy time of the year.  When I saw that Jules was the only one keeping things afloat around here I was so embarrassed. My blog needs some good lovin’.Although I’ve been swamped, I have a few new additions to my life that seem to be making things better/ easier/ more fun lately.
Exhibit A: New Coffee Maker.
My Savior
My Savior

I know that this sounds crazy, but above coffee maker changed my world! I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to wake up to fresh coffee. It’s so much better than waiting and has been helpful in getting my day off on the right start.  Best $40 ever spent!

Exhibit B: Closet Store Solutions

I was on the verge of throwing all my shoes out the window due to my frustration with my closet storage. Then a friend introduced me to Neat Containers.  Pretty much the greatest storage solution every, clear containers that turn your closet in to a perfect shoe dresser!  Go to the site and check it out.

Exhibit C: Home Movies



I invested in a FLIP cam.  (Of course mine is pink.) I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it yet, but I think it’s going to be a great investment for the future of this blog. Once I become a bit better, I’ll be sure to share with you. Right now they all look like “Blair Witch Project” material.

Exhibit D:Say Hey by Michael Franti


I am seriously in LOVE with this song. It just makes me want to roll down the windows in my car and dance!

PS- If you can tell me about a great summer song that I just have to have for my Zumba classes that I don’t have yet, I will gift you this song on iTunes.

Exhibit E: Tomorrows Giveaway!!! Get excited!!!

What have you been loving lately that I just HAVE to know about??


13 responses to “Springtime Luvin’

  1. I’m up for making some Blair-Witch-Like videos in the Caymans…in 16 days!!!!!!!

  2. SO excited you are back! I have been staying alive only on caffiene and sugar lately. Work is incredibly soul sucking around here, too.

    I want one of those Flip cams…

    Yes. Phone date is a MUST this week! xoxoxoxox

  3. nothing like a good coffee machine to
    get the job done!

    the flip cam seems great…i’m going to have
    to check those guys out. (and pink just makes it more fun to use-clearly)

    the video for that song makes me smile.

    i’m sure you’re aware of this song, but, sandi thom-i wish i was a punk rocker. this is one of my roll the windows down and dance like no ones business song.

  4. I was watching a Zumba class last week at my gym (as I was also trying to workout). Getting closer to actually going to one. I promise!

  5. I have a Flip cam too! (In black.)

    I am currently trying to think of fun vlog ideas.

  6. Please let me know how that flipcam is! B and I have been wanting something just like that…

  7. How’s the quality on the neat containers? I’d love something to expand my closet space!!! ha!

  8. Oh, all very exciting spring things! I’ve use one of those flip cams before – pretty cool! I love home videos. And I think I’ll want to document this time of my life…I should invest in one!

  9. I don’t have any great Zumba suggestions, but I love Say Hey. This used to be one of the songs used in my step classes, and it really gets you moving!

  10. So, as you know if I can find a job in Charleston I’m definitely going to move there which means it would be awesome to hangout with you!!!

    As for what I’ve been loving lately that you just have to know about….backpack beach chairs! =)LOVE them

  11. Giveaway??

    I cant wait SJ!!

  12. Those neat containers look awesome. I need some of those to organize the mountain of junk I have in my closet. Maybe I’ll get around to that one of these days…

    I feel you on work sucking the life out lately 😦 It’s the same way for me. Nothing like pretty spring weather and a workload that keeps you chained to your desk…

  13. I have a FLIP and I heart it. It seriously fits in my pocket. The best part is that it’s software is IN the camera — so you literally plug it into any computer and edit your movies on the spot!

    I made a few videos from it and put them on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristynH.

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