My Favorite Things: Bead Up

I LOVE jewelry and crafts and all things handmade and beautiful. I LOVE that Esty opens up  doors for fabulous artists who want to make their dream a reality.

One of my amazingly talented sorority sisters, Christyn  recently opened her shop Bead Up and has generously donated one of her best selling items.

Bead Up

Bead Up

Choose from Live, Love, Laugh, Hope, Dream, Believe.

So now the rules…

  1.  Leave a comment telling me your favorite item from Christyn’s shop.
  2. If you post about this contest on your blog or twitter  you will get an additional entry. You must leave a second comment with the link to your blog saying that you did!
  3. You do not need to have a blog to enter, just a valid email address and a willingness to give me your info to ship you the book.
  4. All entries must be in by Thursday, May 7th at midnight. I will announce the winner Friday, May 8th! Get excited!!

So what are you waiting for??? GO to Bead UpNOW!!


29 responses to “My Favorite Things: Bead Up

  1. Tweet!

  2. My favorite item from Christyn’s shop is the asymmetrical Purple Beaded Gemstone Necklace – statement necklaces are in this season and this one looks great:)

  3. I love the Green with Envy Cluster Bracelet. It’s so lush with color! But, I actually bought a necklace because it was also beautiful! Thanks for the reco!

  4. I’ve fallen in love with the Honesty necklace. I was scrolling down the page, thinking they were all beautiful, I’d never pick a favorite, and I saw that necklace and just stopped. Love.

    (Does Twitter count if my Twitter is private?)

  5. At first it was the honesty necklace…then I decided I am BUYING this in “laugh”. I love it!!!!

  6. i actually like the one you posted a pic of the best. i think i’d get it in “dream.”

  7. Ooh, I really love the Honesty necklace! I have to peek and minimize, peek and minimize so I don’t get busted at work. Haha!

  8. I love all her stuff, seriously! But my very fav is the Green With Envy necklace! I would wear it every day if I could pull it off!

  9. I couldn’t decide, I love so many of her creations!

    I love this necklace:

    And these earrings:

  10. While I’m all about the Hope, I think that my fav is the pink lady necklace:

  11. I love the red and black glass necklace as well as the purple haze! Christyn is so talented!!! I want to be her friend 🙂

    I’m all about Dream!!

  12. My favorite piece of jewelry is definitely this:

    The green bracelet is a very close second!

  13. Oh wow how do you even choose? I love the magic black earrings and the seductress bracelet and… I could go on and on and on!

  14. the golden greek goddess necklace is so pretty!!!

    and, i’m greek so it’s awesome. ha.

  15. I love them all=) I definitely don’t have the patience to make stuff like that!

  16. I LOVE the green with envy bracelette and the greek goddess earings..I just cannot deside!!

  17. how nice of your dear friend!

    i love the necklace you posted. in hope…or dream…
    or love. ah! the choices.

    the wooden leaf earrings also totally rock.

  18. Hello SJ!

    I absolutely love the green bracelet featured in top of her shop!! It´s lovely!

    I’ll go for DREAM!


  19. Cool giveaway! I like the Pink Lady Wears Pearls Necklace.

  20. Oh yeah, I forgot I get an extra entry here for posting about Christyn on my blog. I posted about her merely because I really like her product. So, this is just bonus! Here is the post, in case I’m supposed to include it in this comment: Thanks, my dear, for introducing me to her!

  21. I love the one you have in the picture and I also love the Gold Burnished Metal Leaf necklace. Great stuff and great prices too!
    I posted the giveaway on my blog.

  22. Separate comment for the blog post. Thanks!

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