Busy as a Bee

I seriously can’t believe that May has come and almost gone. My month has been a whirlwind  so far and I still have so many exciting things coming up! Sadly, this is leaving me very little time to catch up with my blog life (and my home life for that matter).

I promise to come back very soon and share loads of cool things with you…please don’t break up with me! I still love you!




6 responses to “Busy as a Bee

  1. i hope you’ve been have a fun busy life
    at least. and not overly swamped with boring
    busy life.

    don’t worry sj, our relationship is still thriving. i wouldn’t break up with you that easily.


  2. Oh, I could never break up with you.

    Well, that’s not true. I totally could. And, come to think of it, I might.

    You better start wooing me.

  3. See you soon ❤

  4. I feel the same way…
    May just went by so quick that I cannot even catch up….

  5. Oooh, good luck Sara Jane!!!

    We’ll miss you 🙂

  6. I have missed reading about what is going on in your life, sister!
    I also gave you a lil’ award on my blog today! http://beadup.blogspot.com/2009/05/my-first-award.html
    Pi ❤ !

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