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Baby Bump!

Bremer Baby Bump Alert!

And NO…it’s not me…

Prego Amy

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my little bro tied the knot. He’s growing up so fast. In early May he graduated from college, and now him and his wifey are expecting a little girl,  in September!

I’m so excited to be an aunt. But I feel so young to be called Aunt Sara! Craziness.

You better believe I am ready to do some serious shopping for this baby. Have you seen what I do to my dog? Here are a few things that Savannah will have to have from her Auntie SJ…

Heelarious Heels

Heelarious Heels

Baby Head Bands and Bows

Flower and Bow Headbands


This is just the beginning, so if you know of any cute baby stuff that I just have to get for my brother and sister in law, let me know!


A Girl Can Dream

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had Dom tastes on an Andre’ budget. I got a few dream emails this week from my girls Brandy and Brookem planning these great vacations and parties that will never happen. I know I won’t be able to safari through Africa with Brandy, or BBQ on a deserted island with Brookem, but the mere planning was enough to brighten my day.Although these are hard economic times, I still dream of grand vacations and expensive shoes.

Here are a few things that I do to keep my dreams alive:

Shop online at Zappos, Nordstroms and Crate and Barrel. Fill my cart with all of the things I’d like to buy. Go to CHECK OUT, look at the total and close the window.

Try on the  shoes of the season  Bob Ellis that I will never purchase, the bag I’ve been lusting at Coach and my friends wedding rings…even if it’s bad luck.

Watch the delicious men roll in the sand play volleyball with sweat dripping down their 6 pack abs and pretend that they’re doing it for my enjoyment. Why did I never think of this before?

Hold some one’s baby until it poops or cries and then give it back!

Plan a dream vacation with my  girls. Or the wedding to the man I  don’t have because ever since I  saw Tiffany’s on the Southern Weddings I can’t stop thinking about it.

What do you dream about doing?

*PS- I promise I am not crazy and superficial, I just like to dream. I feel so blessed to have a job that I like and amazing friends and family.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I am sucking as a blogger lately. Real life takes over some times and I’m so tired at night that I don’t have the energy to think long enough to put my thoughts into anything worth reading (not that this will be).

I guess the only way to put my thoughts this afternoon is to group them into the following categories…

The Ugly:

*The Gas Crisis is sucking.
*I’m closing my fiscal year, I should be closing business. Instead I’m fighting fires and business is so slow that there isn’t really any to close.
*I’m scheduled to take the GMAT in October, and high school level math is killing me.
*I was supposed to have a mini break next weekend and there has been a mix up in the dates and now I won’t be able to make it! Boo.

The Bad:

*Just like Brookem, I hate it when people at stores ignore me when they’re checking out.
*My body aches from all of my running and Zumba.
~My teacher is prego and she is needing some help, so I’ve been jamming at least 3 times a week!
*I feel the same was Brandy does on a lot of things. Like 1,2, 3, 4, 6, 10. (Did I mention she only had 10 items on her list)

The Good: (Because I always save the Best for last)

* Today is Kristen’s Brithday! Go visit her and make sure to give her some lovin’. xxxo
*The FREE Discovery Download on iTunes is a Little Jackie song that I think is super cute…and it’s FREE so check it out.
*My momma is visiting this weekend from Ohio and I could use some serious mom time.
*I’m loving the fall line up. It was the best surprise to see Lipstick Jungle on my DVR!
*Isis went home on ANTM and that rocked my week!
*I ran my longest run ever last Sunday and was able to run 7.3 miles!
*Amy’s doing this amazing photography project called BELIEVE. I’m so excited to be a part of it! My shoot is Tuesday and I can’t wait! I will for sure be sharing with you all! Be sure to check out her site and see what she’s done so far.

I hope your weekend is filled with more Good than anything else.

Happy Friday!

PS- If you’re debate watching, be sure to go to your closest liquor store and pick up some loot for Julie Q’s Presidential Cocktails or Brandy’s Debate Drinking Game!

PSS- Speaking of voting…I hope you’re voting for Brandy for Best Relationship Blog HERE! And Jamie’s Shopping Blog HERE!

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

Then all my married friends get cute baby bumps.
*Not always in said order.

Card by Made By Girl (of course).

Just as wedding season is starting to die down, more and more of my friends are growing their families (and bellies) with new additions…

Expecting bouncing baby boys are Rachel (sorority sis) and Jenny (college roomie).

Expecting pretty baby girls are Mel (a sorority sis), Mere (it’s her second) and Angie (my Zumba teacher).

The unknown include Michelle (a childhood dance friend) and Maria (who’s trying for her second).

Congrats to Steph, Nissler, Maria, Ali, Michelle, Camps and all of my other high school friends who have popped out children this year.

I saw this pic on one of my friends facebook pages and I thought that it was the cutest baby shower idea ever. Way better than eating baby food…or worse candy bars in diapers.

In case you can’t read the card, it says:
“A note for the new mommy you should write,
to make her smile when she’s changing diapers at night.”

In the basket there are diapers and sharpies!

I’m so excited for all of my friends who are expanding their families… however, it seems like the only thing I’m expanding these days is my shoe collection!