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What do you even begin to open back up to the interwebs when it’s literally been almost months since you’ve let them in? I guess the only fair thing to do is to lay it all on the line. Because I know you won’t judge…

I confess…

  • Last week my reader had almost 1000 unread blog posts…I “marked all as read”.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t love and miss you.
  • I’ve been reading the same book since December…everyone else seems to have loved it, and I just can’t get into it.  Regardless of this, I still have 4 other books sitting on my nightstand uncracked. This is so embarrassing.
  • Some days I want to be Taylor Swift. For serious. She’s so adorable and well dressed and smart and happy.
  • I follow Miley Cyrus on Twitter.
  • Two years ago, I thought I knew what I wanted in life. It’s amazing how life can change in such a small amount of time.
  • I am attracted to all the wrong men.
  • The happiest hour of my day is when I’m dancing.
  • I buy far too many dancing clothes.
  • I own a too many unworn shoes, clothing with tags attached, books unread…but I don’t own a vacuum. The idea of purchasing one makes me a bit ill.
  • I think I missed my calling as a ballroom dancer. I love the drama of it all.
  • I’ve been keeping super busy so that I don’t remember that I’m super lonley.
  • I will try my best to start to write more again, but I can’t make any promises!

Anything you want to tell me?



Bead Up: Contest Winner

When Christyn sent me an email with a link to her Esty shop, I was blown away by her creativity and talent. She truly has a gift for jewelry making and I was so excited when she agreed to donate a piece to my readers.

Bead up drop

 My favorites from Bead Up are the Dewdrop Rose Quartz and Amethyst Earrings pictured above and the Green with Envy Bracelet, that I can’t seem to find in the shop anymore!

Thank you so much to all of you that picked your favorite Bead Up item and entered, and a huge hug and kiss to all of you who went to her shop and made a purchase. Your support for her means so much to me!

After a Random selection, the winner of My Favorite Things: Bead Up is Tiffany! Thanks again my lovely readers for your support for Christyn. Now go…SHOP!


I interrupt your regularly scheduled Match Maker Monday for a very special announcement…Today is a very special day…you see, today one of my favorite ladies is celebrating the anniversary of her 25th Birthday!


My blog crush on Brookem started about a year ago when Brandy introduced me to her, and she commented on me going to see Sara Barielles. I spent hours reading all of her old entries and just knew that we were kindred spirits. We shared a hatred of stupid boys and a love of martinis, shoes and men with good hair.

Over the last year, we’ve grown to be great friends. She’s always there for me when I need her via email or phone. Some days it’s nice to just talk to someone outside of your day to day world to give you insight and let you know that you’re not alone in your crazy thoughts!

My lovely Brookem…Happy Birthday! Cheers to having your best year ever! Your friendship means more to me than you will ever know. I can’t wait to see you…hope that it’s sooner than later!



Now what are you waiting for?? Go tell her how great she is! NOW!!

Haven’t we all felt this way?

lindseyfound here

Mini Break from MM

Dear Lovlies,

I’m sorry to interupt this weeks MM session, but I almost forgot to announce the winners of the Holly’s Inbox giveaway. Thanks to Random Number Generator, the winning numbers are 17, Brandy and 2, Kristen.

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, the book is available in the states in June, so just a few more months of waiting! Also, another one of my fabulous sorority sisters just opened her own Esty shop and will being doing a giveaway here in the next few weeks!

Big Drive today, so I’ll talk to you all soon!


MEllen Love Letters

Dear Weather Man,
I was in love with you Saturday-Wednesday when you brought me sunshine and 80’s. You gave me the chance to watch good looking boys roll around in the sand, drink on the patios and wear flip flops. But now all you’ve got for me this weekend is cold and rain. What’s the deal?
Wait…Are you trying to let the cute boys heal their sun burns so they can take their shits off for me again next weekend? If that’s the case, I’ll forgive you for the storm.
Craving Spring Sun SJ


Dear J. Crew,
Why do you send me so many emails with sales when you know I don’t have ANY money? Seriously, this has to stop. We have a love hate relationship right now. But don’t worry, I will buy from you again once I get my tax return.
Fabulously Broke SJ


Dear Pretty in Pink,
Today is your lucky day! You were chosen randomly to win some fabulous MEllen Designed Cards! Email me your address and I will send it to ME to get your cards out to you! Thanks for reading!


Dear MEllen,
You rock. Thank you so much for donating cards for me to giveaway! Megan is going to be so happy!
Pi Love,


Dear Sarah B.,
You are the best. I can’t wait to tell everyone about my next giveaway in a few weeks!
Old School Sara B.


Dear all my lovely non-winners,
You are the best readers a girl could ask for! It’s your lucky day too because very soon I will be sharing with you another one of my favorite things! You can’t get it in the states yet! Click here for a hint!

A Girl Can Dream

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had Dom tastes on an Andre’ budget. I got a few dream emails this week from my girls Brandy and Brookem planning these great vacations and parties that will never happen. I know I won’t be able to safari through Africa with Brandy, or BBQ on a deserted island with Brookem, but the mere planning was enough to brighten my day.Although these are hard economic times, I still dream of grand vacations and expensive shoes.

Here are a few things that I do to keep my dreams alive:

Shop online at Zappos, Nordstroms and Crate and Barrel. Fill my cart with all of the things I’d like to buy. Go to CHECK OUT, look at the total and close the window.

Try on the  shoes of the season  Bob Ellis that I will never purchase, the bag I’ve been lusting at Coach and my friends wedding rings…even if it’s bad luck.

Watch the delicious men roll in the sand play volleyball with sweat dripping down their 6 pack abs and pretend that they’re doing it for my enjoyment. Why did I never think of this before?

Hold some one’s baby until it poops or cries and then give it back!

Plan a dream vacation with my  girls. Or the wedding to the man I  don’t have because ever since I  saw Tiffany’s on the Southern Weddings I can’t stop thinking about it.

What do you dream about doing?

*PS- I promise I am not crazy and superficial, I just like to dream. I feel so blessed to have a job that I like and amazing friends and family.