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What do you even begin to open back up to the interwebs when it’s literally been almost months since you’ve let them in? I guess the only fair thing to do is to lay it all on the line. Because I know you won’t judge…

I confess…

  • Last week my reader had almost 1000 unread blog posts…I “marked all as read”.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t love and miss you.
  • I’ve been reading the same book since December…everyone else seems to have loved it, and I just can’t get into it.  Regardless of this, I still have 4 other books sitting on my nightstand uncracked. This is so embarrassing.
  • Some days I want to be Taylor Swift. For serious. She’s so adorable and well dressed and smart and happy.
  • I follow Miley Cyrus on Twitter.
  • Two years ago, I thought I knew what I wanted in life. It’s amazing how life can change in such a small amount of time.
  • I am attracted to all the wrong men.
  • The happiest hour of my day is when I’m dancing.
  • I buy far too many dancing clothes.
  • I own a too many unworn shoes, clothing with tags attached, books unread…but I don’t own a vacuum. The idea of purchasing one makes me a bit ill.
  • I think I missed my calling as a ballroom dancer. I love the drama of it all.
  • I’ve been keeping super busy so that I don’t remember that I’m super lonley.
  • I will try my best to start to write more again, but I can’t make any promises!

Anything you want to tell me?



Mini Break from MM

Dear Lovlies,

I’m sorry to interupt this weeks MM session, but I almost forgot to announce the winners of the Holly’s Inbox giveaway. Thanks to Random Number Generator, the winning numbers are 17, Brandy and 2, Kristen.

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win, the book is available in the states in June, so just a few more months of waiting! Also, another one of my fabulous sorority sisters just opened her own Esty shop and will being doing a giveaway here in the next few weeks!

Big Drive today, so I’ll talk to you all soon!


I am not one of these people


Via "I Can Read"

Via "I Can Read"

 But I’d like to be. Sadly, rain makes me grumpy. It makes me want to stay inside, curled up in my bed, with my dog and my phone turned off. But with rain predicted for the next 5 days, I\’m going to have to adjust my attitude or I\’m in for an awful time!

Do you know what would make me feel better? A giveaway! Check back tomorrow for the details.

The Writing’s on the Wall

Hello friends…I’m so sorry that I’ve sucked as a blogger/ blogger friend as of late.

To be quite honest, I’ve just been a bit blah. Nothing is killing me, but very little is getting me too excited lately either. I try my best to keep my blog pretty positive. It helps me to try to keep a positive outlook on life. I feel like when I write when I’m down or upset, it makes the situation real.

I could tell you about work. About how the downfall of the economy has put most of my customers on a capital budget freeze. This means there will be no new killer shoes this season year… But that would be admitting that I’m not 100% fulfilled by my current job.

I could tell you about the boy.  About how Sizzle may have summed up my current romantic situation in her post about snow… but then I would be admitting that I’m not sure where things are going. PS- As much as I dislike the cold, I would love just one good snow this winter. It would be super fun.

I could tell you about all of the fabulous books on my nightstand. You know, the ones that have been collecting dust since before Thanksgiving! But I can’t…because that’s how long it’s been since I have finished a book.

I could tell you about all the fun things the Pop Tarts have been doing:Christmas parties, trips to Miami for New Years and loads of other fun things…but I haven’t seen them since August. And that would require me admitting that as much as I love my friends here,  I am seriously longing for a bit of Kentucky in my life.

I could tell you about my training for my next race. But that would require me admitting I haven’t been motivated to run since the half marathon.

Can you see why I haven’t been writing? This is getting embarrassing…

I used to always say that the easiest person to lie to in life is yourself. Perhaps by not writing how I’m feeling, I’m trying to hide the fact that my life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Who knows? But I guess you could say that now the writings on the wall, and all I can do is see what I’m going to do to change a few things…

I promise to get back to normal very soon! Thanks for sticking by me.


The Lost Art of Origami…or Why I Wish Texting Was Banned on Occasion

Middle school was the beginning of “crush letters”. My heart raced when I liked a boy and he liked me back. I hid my spiral 5 Star under the desk and wrote out mini pieces of my heart on the lines. I tore out the college ruled paper, careful to keep the edges clean, and thoughtfully worked my origami magic. When the bell rang, I would race to my locker to meet him in the hopes that he had a ninja star shaped letter for me. They weren’t the most romantic words penciled across the pages, but the idea that someone took the time to think of you was what counted.

In high school, notepads were replaced with numbers as I waited every night for my teal plastic pager to vibrate with a 143 page or a 4663-64448 (goodnight). The numbers were just enough to say “I care”, but not the only way to communicate. By senior year, pagers were obsolescent and cell phones allowed for instant communication. I could chat with my prospective boyfriend any time of the day about everything and nothing and my parents were finally off my back for my house phone ringing past 10P. The sweet voice messages sent and received were spontaneous and heartfelt. You only had 25 seconds to be witty and get your point across. Unlike the messages left on your home answering machine, they were for your ears only and could be replayed a million times over by just the push of a button.

Although everyone had cell phones in college, we were brought back to our middle school days and crush notes by one small and simple item: the white board. After class, I couldn’t wait for the elevator to open up on my dorm room floor so I could see if there were any “crush notes” written across my board in neon colored ink. Even if it was smallest “Can’t wait to see you” note and wiped away by my roommate within minutes of me seeing it, it would always make my day.

Texting was never big when I was in school and dating. They weren’t very popular and no one had an unlimited packages. Just within the past few years, it seems as though texting is the only form of communication that boys know how to use. I can’t tell you the number of friends that have experienced this situation:

Boy meets girl.

Boy gets girls digits.

5 days pass….

Boy texts girl Are you out? or Plans for the night?

Does this mean that they boy is asking you out? Does he really want to meet up? And how many other girls does he text these same type of messages to? Is it too hard to pick up the phone and call?

I don’t know what it is about the texts, but they seem to be a little lack luster in my book. There isn’t any thought to them. No matter how hard you try, you can’t tell their tone or hold them in your fingers or relive their excitement over and over. It breaks my heart to know that my chances of getting a true love letter are diminishing the older I get and the more innovative technology becomes. I miss my origami…

If waiting for your own is killing you as much as it’s killing me, I highly recommend just reading Other People’s Love Letters. Although slightly voyeuristic, it’s only $15 at Amazon and will tide you over until the post man brings you one of your own.

PS- The word “texting” isn’t even recognized in spell check!

Holly’s Inbox

I get about a bizillion emails a day. Between work, bbm (blackberry messenger- like a text but longer and no charge), personal, myspace, facebook…ok you get the point. I get a ton. But I don’t get nearly as many interesting emails as Holly Denham.

To say you don’t have the desire to snoop through someones inbox is like saying you’re not dying to know what’s in wrapped Christmas presents sitting under the tree. It’s an inevitable pull urging you into the unknown.

I must admit, I once snooped through an ex’s inbox and found trouble (he was a pig)…I always tell my friends, if you feel the need to snoop you must not be with a trustworthy person. But the trouble that Holly has is fun, witty and contagious. I find myself wanting to tell people to bugger off and sign off all emails to friends with x’s. (I guess in the UK they only x, not o…I like the o’s too, but a cute x is a fun touch).

The entire novel is written as emails. I thought it was someone’s actual inbox, but have since found out that it’s fictional. An adorable concept that started as an online novel, has been a hit in the UK for the past year. I’m so lucky to have Sarah B. working in London, at Boarders no less, to keep me up on all the newest UK book trends.

But the trouble now is that I have to wait until I see Sarah at Thanksgiving to get my copy of Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City.

Who’s inbox would you peek into if you could?


Breaking Dawn

Last summer Cameron and Emily got me hooked on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series. I became obsessed with the series, and August 2nd couldn’t come fast enough.

Saturday morning on my way to Zumba, I stopped at Target and picked up my copy (I couldn’t stand the book store lines on Saturday, they were insane!). I read all day on Sunday and finished up the book last night.

I wanted to love it. I wanted it to be immortal. I wanted to be sucked into it’s captivating story line and powerful words. I wanted to want it to never end.

I hate to say it…but I was let down. I have to agree with the LA Times Review.
* Don’t read unless you’ve read the book. There are spoilers.* Don’t get me wrong, there were parts of the story that I loved. But there were a lot of parts that I felt like Meyer’s took the easy way out.

I missed the romance of lovers who can’t be. I missed the unknown. I missed turning the final page, only to be overcome with the anxiety of what would happen next. I missed rushing to B&N to get the next chapter of the saga…or better yet, waiting months and months for the final installment.

I guess the good thing is that she left room for new characters to grow into their own story line, but I don’t feel as connected to those characters as much!

I don’t want to write too much, because I know that so many people are still reading.

What did you think, or what do you think so far?