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What do you even begin to open back up to the interwebs when it’s literally been almost months since you’ve let them in? I guess the only fair thing to do is to lay it all on the line. Because I know you won’t judge…

I confess…

  • Last week my reader had almost 1000 unread blog posts…I “marked all as read”.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t love and miss you.
  • I’ve been reading the same book since December…everyone else seems to have loved it, and I just can’t get into it.  Regardless of this, I still have 4 other books sitting on my nightstand uncracked. This is so embarrassing.
  • Some days I want to be Taylor Swift. For serious. She’s so adorable and well dressed and smart and happy.
  • I follow Miley Cyrus on Twitter.
  • Two years ago, I thought I knew what I wanted in life. It’s amazing how life can change in such a small amount of time.
  • I am attracted to all the wrong men.
  • The happiest hour of my day is when I’m dancing.
  • I buy far too many dancing clothes.
  • I own a too many unworn shoes, clothing with tags attached, books unread…but I don’t own a vacuum. The idea of purchasing one makes me a bit ill.
  • I think I missed my calling as a ballroom dancer. I love the drama of it all.
  • I’ve been keeping super busy so that I don’t remember that I’m super lonley.
  • I will try my best to start to write more again, but I can’t make any promises!

Anything you want to tell me?



Costume Change

I’ve been a homebody lately.  After weeks of trying to pinch pennies and avoid hangovers, when some of my dance buddies asked me if I wanted to go out on Friday night and get all dressed up for a techno party, I could resist. 1. I LOVE costumes (they bring me back to my sorority girl days), and b. I LOVE dancing.

I always thought that the best part of getting dressed up was finding the perfect outfit and getting ready.  I took the Style-ish lead and went for colored tights, then added a bit of flair with my purple bob.


As soon as I put the wig on my head, I felt like a new woman! It was so liberating.

We pulled up to the club ready to party, but when we look out of the cab…NO ONE ELSE WAS DRESSED UP! You know like in Bridget Jones when she’s at the Tart and Vigor’s party in a bunny suit and no one else is in costume? That was me.

I had about one second of embarrassment, but you only live once! We were the hit of the party. I’m pretty sure that people thought that we were hired by the club as characters…that was until they saw us taking pictures of ourselves! Before the night was over, I’m pretty sure we posed for 20 different cameras! Everyone wanted a shot of us.


 So many people thought that Megan’s Rainbow Bright/ Jem wig was real, that Michael looked like David Bowie and that Gaby was a Mexican Amy Winehouse!

 If you could have an alter ego for one night, who would you be?

Boom, Boom I’ma make ’em go KRAZY

I feel like I had the craziest 2 months ever…

From November through December I’ve traveled from the beaches of SC to the mountains of PA (and a few other places in between).

I’ve spent time with old friends and thankfully made a new. ( Although for the most part I’ve only written about the exciting parts, I’m still a bit apprehensive.)

I’ve lost business deals so large that they crushed my quarter, my heart and my wallet. I’ve also lost my keys, a black boot, my favorite bra and my mind.

I’ve ran farther than I imagined and shook it with the best. I’m finally official!

If this doesn’t prove me crazy enough, Cam has tagged me and asked me to give 7 things that people may not know about me…for the most part, I’m an open book, and I’ve told y’all a lot about me (and I think I’ve done something like this before), but I’ll see if there is anything good that I can drum up…

  1. Before I took my current job in April 2007, I didn’t own a computer. I went to the library almost daily to check my email and my space. Now I can’t imagine a day computer (or blackberry) free.
  2. I’m OBSESSED with Zumba. I know I’ve said that I like it before, but I’ve reached a new level of KRAZY. I’ve been known to take more than one class a day if I’m around, fly to other states for workshops and even drive 30 minutes for a one hour class with a teacher that I love. I started teaching with my favorite instructor! You can find us HERE! *Krazy is currently one of my favorite songs I use in class.
  3. I haven’t always had short hair, but I prefer it this way. I first cut it all off in 2001, grew it back out from 2003-2006 and cut it all back off again in November of 2006. long-hair1
  4. Once upon a time I was a beauty queen had a crown or two. My close friends called me their PricASS. When I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore, I cut off all my hair (for the first time) because I thought that you had to have loads of hair to hold a crown. I never wore big hair, or too many sequins, but I did stuff my bra, glue swim wear to my booty and own clear heels. If you ever repeat this to anyone, may you live the rest of your life in ugly, uncomfortable shoes that give your feel awful corns and calluses.
  5. NEVER have I EVER been snow skiing. I always wanted to be in ski club, but it conflicted with my dance schedule and my mom was always afraid that I would break my leg (causing me to not be able to dance in the costumes that had already been ordered for that year). Now that I live in the Carolina’s there aren’t too many places to go. I’m also so scared that I will be terrible, and also still fear that I may break my leg causing me not to be able to run or Zumba. Thanks Mom.
  6. My Soph dog, recently got hit by a car. She has been visiting with my parents since Thanksgiving and decided to run into the street in front of their house. Don’t worry. She’s my daughter and a bad ass little beast and managed to walk away unharmed. How that happened? I have no idea. But I bet you didn’t know that about me…err…I mean my dogger.
  7. I love my job, but there are so many days that I wish I could go back to school and do something else. I’m not sure what that is yet, but I guess I still have time to figure all of that out!

I’m supposed to tag 7 people…but I’m not much for rules. So you’re tagged if…

You have less than 7 letters in your first name.

If you had to count the number of letters in your first name. Ha. I see you! and I stole this idea from another blogger.

Have a 7 in your birthday. Day/ Month/ Year


Just feeling like telling the blogosphere how Krazy you are!

Do it. I double dog dare you!

Q&A Part 4: Life in Queen City

Nilsa asked me: Given you’re not from NC, what are your favorite things about the city of queens and what do you dislike about it?

After spending 8 years in KY, I was ready for a change. I had told my company to put me anywhere in the US, and I ended up covering the Carolinas. Charlotte is pretty central for my territory and I had a few friends from college that lived here, so it seemed like a good fit.

My friend Amy‘s work recently did an ad campaign that I think did a great job summing up what I love about living in Charlotte. You can find some of the ad campaign here and visitor information here.


Things I LOVE about Queen City:

Fun. Between professional sporting teams (NFL, NBA, ECHL), shows, events, downtown nightlife you never have to do the same things twice. You can go white water rafting at the National Training center, catch a NASCAR race, or just go watch the symphony in the park. There’s so much diversity. On the weekends, I may spend one night in jeans and flip flops watching friends play ping pong outside at our neighborhood bar, and the next night in stilettos, sipping martini’s while on the balcony of a big sexy bar that overlooks the city.

Age Demographics.  There are tons of young adults in Charlotte. Both Bank of America and Wachovia have offices here, plus there are a few other retailers based out of QC.  (Hence, the stripes.) It’s a young, but without the college town feel. As I write this, I’m asking myself how I’m still single…

Food. I may be a picky eater, but I love to eat. There are so many local restaurants that have killer food, whether you’re looking for a greasy burger or a 5 star meal, you can find a local Charlotte restaurant that will kick the chains booty any day!

Friends. I am so lucky that I have managed to make some amazing friends here. I miss the ones from college and home, but I feel so blessed to have met some killer people.

Beach. There’s a lake in Charlotte, but you’re only a few hours from Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Wilmington. It makes for an easy weekend getaway. If you aren’t much for the beach, you’re also only a few hours away from the mountains.

Thing I don’t like about Queen City

Distance. I miss my friends and family I left. I’m 8 hours away from my parents, and 6 hours away from my college friends.

Men. Some of nights you go out and there are copious amounts of men. Other nights, all you find are the stripes. Ah…this is why I’m still single.

Size. I love that Charlotte is big, but not huge. Some days I think that it tries too hard to be a big city, but it’s not quite there yet. Example: They have a light rail, but it doesn’t extend out far enough or go enough places to be worth while.

That’s about all I can think of. for now on the Queen City! I’m loving life here. Any one want to come visit???

Q&A Part 3: When Life Changes

Lauren asked: What are the 3 most significant things that have happened in the last 5 years?

Lauren, this is such a difficult question because I feel like my life has changed so much over the last 5 years it’s incredible. There have been a lot of other things happen, but these are the big ones!

College graduation:I graduated from University of Kentucky with a BA in Journalism in 2004. The act of graduating is over rated, but the power of having a degree isn’t. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment, that after 4 years of parties, pledging, dancing and working, I managed to get enough school work  done to warrant a degree. I had no intention of doing anything in the broadcasting realm, but it was amazing the doors that opened by just having a degree. My first grown up job out of college was at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. As silly as it sounds, I would not have gotten that job without my degree, and I wouldn’t have gotten the job I had now without ERAC.

The Final Break Up: I know that I’ve talked about this a few times before, but V and I dated on and off for 5 years, starting 2nd semester my freshman year. When we finally quit and he moved out, I finally allowed myself to make decisions for my life for me and only me. I think that a big reason I stayed in KY as long as I did was because I wanted things to work with us. Don’t get me wrong, it sucked and was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been though, but one of the best for the long run.

The Big Move: From the time I graduated college, I wanted to get into imaging sales. My mom is a CT/ Nuclear Medicine technologist and I was totally geeked out by the technology behind it all. I interviewed with my company right out of college and they told me that I was too green. After gaining some sales experience, they decided to give me another go. In April 2007 I accepted my current position selling medical imaging equipment in the Carolinas. I cover all of SC and a big chunk of NC. Taking this job meant I had to move from KY to NC. But before I could get settled, I had to move to Philly for 5 months of training. Eeeek! This move not only got me a kick ass job, but also allowed me to let go of what I had been hanging onto in KY. I’ve got my good days and bad, but now I can say that I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Brandy asked: What is your biggest regret and biggest accomplishment?

I’ve had to think long and hard on this one Brandy. I try not to really regret things in life, just learn and grow from them. There have been many times that I have opened my mouth without thinking, or hooked up with the wrong boy.

I thought for a minute that I would say that my biggest regret would be holding on to V for so long. But that’s not the case.

I think my biggest regret, is that in our relationship I held myself back. I didn’t spend enough time with my friends because I put him first, I didn’t party hard enough, shake it fast enough or feed my mind with enough of the books that I loved. We always rented “man movies” at Blockbuster or listened to the music he wanted to in the car. I wore the colors that he wanted to see on me and grew my hair long because that was the way he liked it. I lost myself in trying to be the right girl for him. Had I stayed true to myself, my beliefs and the things that I love, I would have been a happier person and things may not have drug out as long as they did.  What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and I don’t know that I would appreciate who I am today without being able to see the person that I was.

My biggest accomplishment would be landing the job that I have today. Not only because I love my field, but it gave me a fresh start and the confidence to get back to the person that I lost while I was in my relationship. Because of it, I feel more grounded in who I am. I try things I never thought that I could do without fear, I put more value my relationships with my friends and family and I’m very happy overall.

The One Where I Invite You In My Home

Back in April all of you were with me through my first home purchase! It was crazy…and I feel like such a grown up and so young all at the same time. I had promised a few people that I would post pictures of my home, but I never felt like it was READY…not decorated enough, not clean enough. Then I thought…who cares.

Just like me, it’s a work in progress. But it’s MY work in progress.

Welcome to MY HOME!
966 square foot townhome in the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte, NC


Dinning Area

TV Area: I need a picture or mirror above the sofa. Also, you can’t see it, but straight across is a brick wall that the builders painted over. I wish it was fully exposed, but I like that it gives a bit of character. I’ve been thinking of doing a bunch of pics, like Kay posted today. Thoughts?

Back Patio: It’s very small. But I did plant that hydrangia that’s hiding behind my seating.

Home Office: I don’t have a local office for work, so this is where I work, blog, think. I’m dying to get some Potterbarn Serafina shades.

I’m dying for the chair, but it’s not in the budget these days!

Getting Pretty Room: Sort of a Seafoam Blue

Bedroom: Still in need of some work. Not shown is the large dresser.

There is still so much that I want to do…but I’m still so happy with the way it stands now. If you have any good sites for art or you see any PB Serafina on sale let me know!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I am sucking as a blogger lately. Real life takes over some times and I’m so tired at night that I don’t have the energy to think long enough to put my thoughts into anything worth reading (not that this will be).

I guess the only way to put my thoughts this afternoon is to group them into the following categories…

The Ugly:

*The Gas Crisis is sucking.
*I’m closing my fiscal year, I should be closing business. Instead I’m fighting fires and business is so slow that there isn’t really any to close.
*I’m scheduled to take the GMAT in October, and high school level math is killing me.
*I was supposed to have a mini break next weekend and there has been a mix up in the dates and now I won’t be able to make it! Boo.

The Bad:

*Just like Brookem, I hate it when people at stores ignore me when they’re checking out.
*My body aches from all of my running and Zumba.
~My teacher is prego and she is needing some help, so I’ve been jamming at least 3 times a week!
*I feel the same was Brandy does on a lot of things. Like 1,2, 3, 4, 6, 10. (Did I mention she only had 10 items on her list)

The Good: (Because I always save the Best for last)

* Today is Kristen’s Brithday! Go visit her and make sure to give her some lovin’. xxxo
*The FREE Discovery Download on iTunes is a Little Jackie song that I think is super cute…and it’s FREE so check it out.
*My momma is visiting this weekend from Ohio and I could use some serious mom time.
*I’m loving the fall line up. It was the best surprise to see Lipstick Jungle on my DVR!
*Isis went home on ANTM and that rocked my week!
*I ran my longest run ever last Sunday and was able to run 7.3 miles!
*Amy’s doing this amazing photography project called BELIEVE. I’m so excited to be a part of it! My shoot is Tuesday and I can’t wait! I will for sure be sharing with you all! Be sure to check out her site and see what she’s done so far.

I hope your weekend is filled with more Good than anything else.

Happy Friday!

PS- If you’re debate watching, be sure to go to your closest liquor store and pick up some loot for Julie Q’s Presidential Cocktails or Brandy’s Debate Drinking Game!

PSS- Speaking of voting…I hope you’re voting for Brandy for Best Relationship Blog HERE! And Jamie’s Shopping Blog HERE!