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MMM v. 9- Trump Style…by Jules

Dear It’s Just Lunch,

YOU’RE FIRED! If I were this bad at my job, I would have been fired almost immediately after I was hired.  I’m not the type of girl that leaves you guessing what I’m thinking, so how you continually match me with people that are completely wrong, is beyond me.  So far you have hooked me up with:

  • A self-centered, non-committal guy
  • A socially awkward guy
  • A total introvert
  • A guy looking for one night stands
  • A cowboy who lives 2 hours away

and now…

  • A married man!

Enough is enough!!! I can deal with with creating a conversation out of nothing, turning down booty calls, and listening to someone beg for compliments; however, I draw the line at dating married men!!!

If I seem pissed, it’s because I AM!  How dare you continue to waste my time, after the absorbent amount of money I have paid you “experts” to find me a match.

You have a lot of work to do to redeem yourself.  I’m not interested in dating for sport so please, please, please, do not set me up again unless he possesses ALL the traits I am looking for.  Not just some of them.  I am willing to wait.

Yours truly,


PS- I wouldn’t recommend asking me to be a reference.


MMM v.8: A Silver Lining…by Jules

Mr. Grabby Pants

Now I can’t speak for all ladies but a piece of advise as it pertains to me, a guy doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on dinner to impress me.  I could care less whether my meal is $100 or $10; what matters most is that a guy puts some real thought and creativity into planning an evening for us.  So when my big Wednesday date chose TGIFridays as our destination, you can imagine my first disappointment (no points for originality).

Then….ahhh the beauty of technology!  Now-a-days, a total frog can make themself appear like a prince in a picture with the right lighting, angulation, and cropping.  My first red flag should have been that he only sent one picture.  To my dismay, once again I fell victim to creative editing and was duped into a 2 hour long dinner with a man who wasn’t attractive at all.

To his credit, he was a very nice guy.  Potentially, a really good catch for some girl down the road.  Then we got to the parking lot…. In the words of Miss Keri Hilson:

“now wait a minute lil busta u got one more time to feel on my booty,
better recognize a lady that aint the way u do me, ya turnin me off.”

Yup you got it! Mr. Grabby Pants went right for it, a two handed grab on my booty!  Then, when I asked him to stop, he giggled and went at it again!!!  After he got done hanging on me, and molesting the goods, he tried to go in for the kill…. NO WAY JOSE!  No kisses for this one, and as a matter of fact, no more phone calls either.

Game over A Watched Pot Never Boils

I’ve had it, I’m giving up!  I’ve lost almost all hope and I’m tired of this emotional abuse I continue to enovoke upon myself.  This week I considered offering a randsome to anyone that can find me the man of my dreams….then I went out Saturday night.  Armed with my I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude, low key outfit, and low maintenance hair/make up, I went out to meet up with a group of friends. 

Eventually our group fizzled out and another group of my friends showed up so I went with them.  I was so pleased when this gorgeous new man joined us.  I knew I had to talk to him.  After a few hours we locked eyes, smiled and the rest is history.  We spent all evening talking and later that night he walked me to my car.  He took my number and suggested that we get coffee or drinks soon.  I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since.  Here is a preview: this is a picture of me and a couple of the girls I was with.  New Big Sexy is in the background at our table.


It’s not a good picture but at least you get the idea.  I really hope he calls but only time will tell. 

MMM v. 7: Home, home on the range….by Jules

Farmer Pete

It keeps getting better and better folks!  This week my match was described to me as:

  • Name: Mike
  • Age: 29
  • Description: light brown hair, blue eyes, 5’8″, rugged
  • Occupation: Computer Programer

As Mike walked in to Jackson’s (20 minutes late) I thought, “Thank God, at least this one is cute.” And then he opened his mouth:

Mike (in a very angry tone): “I’m Mike”

Julie: “Hi Mike, its nice to meet  you”

Mike (in a very angry tone): “Sorry I’m late, this A** Hole customer kept me on the phone for 30 minutes.”

Julie: “That’s ok, did you have a bad day?”

Mike: *launches into a 5 minute angry rant full of expletives.

Not exactly the best start to a date right?  To give Mike some credit, he did calm down after 5 minutes and he was able to shake his anger and have a great conversation.  However, once we got to talking, I quickly realized the information I had been given on Mike was incorrect.  He was no computer programer, he serviced John Deer tractors!  And even better he had been raised on a farm where they raised and slaughtered cows and pigs, and grew corn and other vegetables. 

Even though there was definitely an attraction and the conversation was interesting, our lifestyles are definitely different.  He wants to move to Kentucky within a year, live the country life, and raise a family.  However, I’m no country girl and I’m not in the business of wasting anyone’s time so I probably will not be seeing Farmer Pete again.

It’s Just NOT Lunch

This week I found my own date! When SJ introduced me, she mentioned that I had tapped out  I thought that I had too until I continued to get emails in my account.  Out of curiousity, I signed up for a 3-Day trial.  No good potentials were in my inbox but within a few hours a mystery man with no picture sent me a “wink.”  It just so happened that he was online when I read his profile so I went out on a limb and IM’ed him.  We chatted for a while and he emailed me pictures.  To my surprise he is super CUTE!!!!!


Here are is stats:

  • Name: Jon
  • Occupation: Corporate Asset Manager
  • Appearance: 5’10” and cute!
  • Education: BA from Penn State, MBA from Pitt

We had our first phone date tonight (Sunday) and I can’t wait to talk to him again.  We have plans to go out on Wednesday, location TBD.  I’m really excited about this one, much more so than any of my IJL dates so far.  He is so nice, really cute, well educated, with a great job, outgoing, social, and most importantly…..he thinks I’m pretty and isn’t affraid to tell me so! 

After 3 years of failed dates and potential relationships, I’m always afraid that guys won’t like me.  I hope he thinks that our phone date went as well as I did, and that he still wants to meet me on Wednesday.  When do you think is too soon to call him again?   

MMM v. 5: Common Courtesy….By Jules

No I will not have sex with you

As expected, my French friend Luc (AKA Pierre), offered great stories and provided a unique perspective on life.  Its too bad he wasn’t remotely attractive.  The allure to IJL is that they set you up on a no-pressure first date; either lunch or an after-work drink.  In either circumstance, the expectation is to go dutch.

After we had fulfilled our IJL obligation (one after-work drink) Pierre asked me to have dinner.  Since I was enjoying the conversation I agreed.  I believed I was putting off the “friend vibe” but as the date came to a close I noticed him starting to lean in toward me, a sure sign that he was interested.   I excused myself to the ladies room and came back to our bill sitting on the table.  He looked it over, placed his credit card inside, and passed it to me expecting me to split the check!!!!! CHIVALRY IS DEAD!  

If there had been a chance at any point, that went out the window when he made me pay for my own dinner after he initiated it.  As we walked toward the lobby, he stopped me and grabbed my hand.  As if I wasn’t already turned off enough, he said:

Pierre: “Julie, I’ve have a really great time and I think you are a great girl.”

Julie: *smile

Pierre: “Do I think we will be long-term boyfriend and girlfriend????  Probably not… but I’d like you to come back to my place for one more drink.”

Julie: *jaw drops to the ground

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! At least buy me dinner before you ask me to have sex with you.  And here I thought the French were supposed to be romantic….  Another on bites the dust.

Date post-mortem

After each date I am expected to call into my date coordinator, Jen,  to discuss the positive and negatgive attribues of my date.  Jen was surprised to hear that it hadn’t gone well.  I started by telling her the story above.  She laughed hysterically and couldn’t believe he acted that way.  However, she took offense when I asked her if she had seen pictures of him before she set us up. 

Jen: “Yes, I see pictures of all the men before I set you up.  Why?”

Julie: “Well, because you and I must have very different taste in men.”

Jen: “Wow! You didn’t think Luc was good looking?”

Julie: “I’m sorry Jen, but I didn’t find him even remotely attractive.”

Jen: “Wow, you must have different taste than me…and everyone else!”

WHAT?!?! I though I was paying IJL to be supportive and to find me what I’m looking for.  I have demanded that we go back to the quality-not-quantity model of dating.  There are no new dates for me this upcoming week and I will wait patiently until they find me what I’m looking for, physically and socially.

MMM v. 4: The week of Break-ups…by Jules

So many updates, so little time!

What a busy week.  Between this weeks IJL date, Coach, an old fling, and my next date- I haven’t had time to breathe.

IJL Jason

Not a match this week, unfortunately.  I don’t think it is too much to ask for 3 things in a man:

  1. Chemistry- A good fit between personalities
  2. Attraction- Someone who is nice to look at
  3. Resume- Necessary life requirements (no kids, education, good job, etc.)

Jason had maybe1 of these. I am your stereotypical “life of the party type,” Jason was shy and reserved putting it mildly (he couldn’t even look me in the eye for at least 45 minutes).  I am very career driven and independent, Jason only works to pay his bills; which he has very few of since he still lives with his parents at 31 years old.  He wasn’t bad looking but I am not particularly attracted to skinny men.  I need my man to weigh more than me and I’m a curvy lady.  Finally, after I thought I would be able to cut it short and leave-

Jason- “wow, I’m drunk”

Julie- “well you are hiding it well, you don’t seem that drunk”

Jason- “no, I’m really drunk. I don’t think I can drive”

Julie- “why don’t you try walking to the bathroom, getting the blood flowing may help.”

Jason- “no, I just need to stay here for a while and sober up.”

Julie- “ok, I will ask for some more water.”

Jason- ” I don’t think it’s going to help.  Only time will help so I guess we will have to stay for a while.”

And after all this, he made me pay for all my own stuff! Needless to say, I won’t be seeing IJL Jason again.


About a year ago I went out with a guy from high school.  He was always the most popular guy in school, a great athlete, and the guy all the girls wanted but no one could get.  Ironically enough, since high school, he’s no longer an athlete, lost most of his friends, and is now fat and bald at 28.  Since our outing, he is totally into me. He calls, texts and begs to see me.  I feel horrible for writing this but… I only keep him around for an ego boost.  It will never go anywhere and I’m completely uninterested.  But I love the attention he gives me. 

Monday evening Coach text me and told me he was just lying around.  I got excited thinking he wanted to get together, but then, he never asked!  At that point I had a epiphany-

I’m Coach’s bald, fat guy! 

This week I had to break it off.  I have too much to offer and too much self-respect to be treated like this….. So long Coach!

Parlez-vous Francais?

This week’s IJLdate is going to be a great experience even if we don’t hit it off.  I will be meeting Luc at The Grand Concourse for after-work drinks. Here are his details:

  • Age- 27
  • Appearance- Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’11”, fit
  • Profession- Research and Development
  • Education- PhD!!!!
  • Background- Moved to Pitt from France 2 years ago
  • Interests- Soccer, travel, and outdoor activities

This restaurant is supposed to be really nice and I am looking forward to Luc’s cultured perspective on life.  At the very least, he should offer a unique conversation and great stories!  Maybe we will see if he brings new meaning to the phrase “French Kiss!”

Stayed tuned!!

MMM v.3:Not Such a Match…By Jules

All dressed up for my big date with nowhere to go

If dating were that easy, we’d all be married to Mr./Ms. Right, in perfect relationships, and there would be no need for Match Maker Monday.  Since it’s not that easy, you end up with dates like mine last Thursday. 

Date #2
Date #2 – by Julie McArthur on

I was so excited to meet Erik. I didn’t even get nervous until late afternoon this time. I got home from work, got ready (wearing above ensemble) and headed out to Six Penn Kitchen for my Big Date.  This time, my date beat me there and I went upstairs to meet him.  When I found our table, he was looking out the window.  As he turned around…..GASP!  Not cute at all!  What a bummer.  I figured I’d make the most of it, maybe he’d turn out to be a really great guy and his personality would win me over. 

What a DISASTER!  I have had better conversations with my drywall.  Even though Erik was nice the poor guy had no personality.  At first I thought it was his nerves but after we talked  I asked him 100 questions to avoid the awkward silence, it was abundantly clear….. no match for this Monday.  After 90 minutes, I figured I’d take the humane route, and bow out early.  We shook hands, said “it was nice to meet you,” and went our separate ways.

BTW- He mentioned in conversation that this was his 11th date!!! Hmmm….

Date #3

Before I even went out with Erik, IJL set me up on my next date.  We are going for after-work drinks this Wednesday at a location TBD.  Here are his stats:

  • Name- Jason (I have a thing for Jasons by the way)
  • Age- 30
  • Appearance- Brown hair, green eyes, 5’11”, fit
  • Occupation- Physical Therapist
  • Background- Played baseball and football in college, Bachelors degree in Engineering, Pittsburgh native
  • Interests- Sports and travel

I am quickly learning that not everything IJL tells me about my dates is true so this information will have to be verified.  However, my consultant did say that Jason is much more outgoing, fun, and similar to Coach than Erik was.  I am optimistic about this one so wish me luck again!

MMM v. 2: 20 Questions…by Jules

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a Match Maker Monday and I have a few things to share. I’m really excited for this upcoming week so keep on reading.

The Interview

Before IJL will set you up on a second date, you are required to go into the local office for an interview.  I met with Nicola last Saturday and she was so nice!  We talked more about what I’m looking for in a match and what type of person I am.  She had me pegged! She could tell just by talking to me, what type of guy I’m looking for.  That makes me confident that they will be able to set me up with a great person.  Before I left, she took a picture of me (to make sure I looked that way I said I did.)  This interview meant…. IT’S TIME FOR DATE #2!!!

Update on Coach

Surprisingly, Coach is still lingering.  I haven’t seen him since I last wrote; however, we continute to text.  Between his coaching schedule and my out of town trips, we continue to have opposite schedules.  I can’t quite figure him out.  He texts me a few times a week, sometimes late at night, but he never asks for “late night activities” (as I would expect.)  Anyhow, i’m back in town again and his season is over.  We will see how it goes. Now, on to the fun stuff!

My Next Date 

I am so excited! This Thursday I’m meeting my second date at Six Penn Kitchen for after-work drinks. Here’s what I know so far:

  • Name: Erik
  • Profession: HR and Business Development
  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Age: 33
  • Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, attractive, physically fit
  • Interests: Tennis (weekly) and outdoor activities (basketball, football, baseball)

They don’t give me much information, just enough to wet my appetitie.  I am already planning my outfit, and have scheduled my hair and nail appointments to make sure I am all prettied up!  I can’t wait to update you next Monday on how things go. WISH ME LUCK!