Match Maker Monday



Meet Jules! She’s one of my closest friends. We met during a training program for work and we spent every waking moment together for 5 months! Now she lives far away, but we talk about a gazillion times a day. She used to blog, but now she just makes cameo appearances here on Mondays.

Jules LOVES love and I’m so lucky that she’s decided to share her new “It’s Just Lunch” dating adventure with us!

Match Maker Monday: The Intro

MMM v.1 : Coach by Jules

MMM v. 2: 20 Questions by Jules

MMM v.3: Not Such a Match by Jules

MMM v. 4: The Week of Break-Ups by Jules

MMM v. 5: Common Courtesy by Jule

MMM v. 6: Meet Ups and Mini Breaks by Sara


One response to “Match Maker Monday

  1. I don’t think you could have picked two worse pictures of me! hahahaha I love you though SJ!

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